• We are a family firm giving STOP to the complicated organization structure and to the overhead costs that normally form a part of the prices of the services provided. Thanks to that we are always able to provide a high quality for the favorable price with regard to the particularities and each of our clients´ demands (we do not work with a unified price list for every one).
  • Personal contact with the personnel for the service performance –the management of the company including the recruitment
  • Our quality wins over the quantity!
  • When starting the job in new objects – the first duty is performed by the executives including the company´s owner (understanding of the object and its specifics – training of the personnel)
  • As a matter of course we consider the Security risk audit when we search for weak points and recommend possible solutions for minimizing such risks as much and as cheap as possible.
  • The most advantageous price/value relation
  • Complete services
  • Activities in the whole Czech Republic
  • Individual approach
  • Immediate reaction to demands
  • Hundred per cent security of your properties and other needs
  • Responsibility insurance of the activities provided
  • Possibility of a facultative compensation




Our motto:
“Listen, advise and find the solution”