When you decide to use our services you can get a facultative compensation from us.

What is the facultative compensation?

According to the Act on employment No. 435/2004 Coll. employers with more than 25 employees in an employment relationship are obliged to employ the mandatory proportion of persons with disabilities out of the total number of the employer’s employees. The mandatory proportion is 4%.

The facultative compensation can be fulfilled in three individual ways or in their combination:

  1. Direct employment of the persons with disabilities.
  2. Contribution to the state budget

The employer is obliged to contribute to the state budget yearly 2,5 times the average wage for each disabled person that should be employed by him but it is not.

  1. Buying the services or products in the scope of facultative compensation.

In case the organization does not employ the necessary number of employees with disabilities it can also fulfill this obligation by buying products or services of the third company that employs more than 50 per cent of the disabled employees (and thus it is the provider of the facultative compensation).

And we are like that one, too. Choose us for your provider of security services and by means of this you will fulfill the compulsory share of the persons with disabilities.

We own concessions for providing the services in the field of the occupational safety and health, providing the technical services for the property and personal protection, guarding of the property a persons and providing the private detective services.

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